Charletta & Roosevelt tie the knot at the Excellence Punta Cana!

The bride & groom: Charletta & Roosevelt
The photographer: Miguel, the resort photographer
The resort: Excellence Punta Cana
Travel Agent: Terrah
“Everything was wonderful. It was absolutely beautiful. It rained on my wedding day but they ‘say’ it’s suppose to be good luck. So we had to go with Plan B – had a beautiful marble stairwell to a beautiful conference room. It was very, very pretty. Everything worked out beautifully.
The cake was 3 layers …. the BEST cake I’ve had in a LONG time. Very moist and delicious. My flowers were beautiful. The best bouquet I could get!
The photographer Miguel – he is absolutely won-der-ful . The 300 + pictures turned out wonderful and he signs a paper giving you all rights to the pictures so we can go home and make as many copies as we’d like.
The room was great! And the French Restaurant was – oh my God – the favorite. Oh girl… it was fabulous, fabulous!
The show in the evenings … cirque du soleil … acrobats… merengue show .. each night a different show … beach parties on Thursdays!
It was just a wonderful trip.
Some advice for future brides: bring all wedding stuff in the carry on bag (dress, shoes, music)… just in case.
Have the wedding shop press the dress before you go instead of having the resort do it. They should offer that service.”

Dawson Hernandez
dawson hernandez 2
dawson hernandez 2

Dawn and Robert ~ Wedding at the Excellence Punta Cana

Bride and Groom: Dawn and Robert
Resort/ Venue: The Excellence Punta Cana
Date: March 25th of 2009
Photographer: Photo Souvenir
Travel Agent: Terrah Rominger

~ Bride Interview ~

What made you decide on having a destination wedding?
We knew we wanted a tropical wedding and we wanted our special day to be as stress-free as possible.

What made you decide on the resort/venue?
It was really just a process of elimination. We wanted to experience a new place together, and we’re both pretty well traveled, so we ended up choosing the Dominican Republic. We provided the travel agent, Terrah, with a few things we thought were important to us as a couple, and the resort we ultimately chose was one of a few Terrrah suggested based on the criterion we provided her with. Terrah was a huge asset! Absolutely no regrets! Great choice!

Who was your photographer, and if you had one, your videographer?
Both photos and video were provided in-house by Photo Souvenir. The entire staff was great!

What was the biggest difficulty in planning your destination wedding?
Nothing. Perhaps just managing to take off work during the dates we wanted. ๐Ÿ™‚

What was the highlight of the experience?
The entire wedding day. As the bride, EVERYTHING was taken care of for me – from breakfast in bed, champagne, hair, makeup, getting dressed – you name it, it was taken care of – and with great class! From the groom’s perspective, he was also a bit pampered. The resort offered a complimentary groom’s suite the night before the wedding. He had a wake up call, all his clothes were pressed, and he was updated every minute until the horse drawn carriage delivered me to the isle.

Biggest surprise?
Just how extremely stress-free the entire event was – trust me, this is a HUGE statement coming from someone who stresses over just about anything. EVERYTHING went off without a hitch – even including the brief rain showers both right before and right after the ceremony. The biggest surprise to me, the bride, was that it truly was the happiest day of my entire life – no worries whatsoever! I just smiled!

If your best friend were planning a destination wedding what would your advice be to her?
Don’t take anyone with you! Share your intimate moment with friends and family once you get home via the reception(s). We had two receptions in the U.S. after we returned. We showed the wedding video at the beginning of each and wore the same clothes (i.e., gown, etc.) for about the first hour. This created an opportunity for proper wedding photos. We also did the bouquet/garter toss at each reception and the traditional “cut the cake” ritual. I got to wear my gown (and have my hair and makeup done) THREE times – who gets to do that?! Basically, we had three weddings. I know it may sound a little unorthodox; however, our friends and family members all expressed how they felt they were still truly a part of our special day! As a bonus, we ended up making great friends at the resort and had about 16 people attend our ceremony and reception in the Dominican Republic. As a result, we now have extended “family” in both Canada and the UK! We have all kept in touch and about half intend on returning to the resort next year for our anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚